Bubble Task

task tracking for teams

  • full stack app
  • responsive and secure
  • built with meteor, mongo, react, and materialize-css
  • hosted on heroku and atlas
  • used git throughout


info for US expats in Ireland

  • serverless
  • built with nextjs and materialize-css
  • hosted on zeit now

Project Bag

planning tool for knitting projects

  • allows for color visualization before committing to a project
  • may be expanded to a marketplace for yarn and patterns
  • built with camanjs, pickr, and materialize-css

Upcoming Robot

landing page for a friend's business

  • web toy meant to be reminiscent of lidar
  • 'target' is any image (with alpha channel), down-sampled on the fly
  • design elements were pre-determined
  • work in progress
  • built with pixijs and bootstrap

WP site for my structural engineering work

  • customized child theme
  • also designed the logo

Random Gallery

published WP plugin

  • displays a random subset of photos from a list
  • built for my site, but it has 100+ users with no marketing


guitar technique visualization tool

  • helped me understand the mechanics of the picking hand
  • built with three.js


some funny boxes

  • started as a collaboration on a city planning tool, but fizzled out
  • built with three.js


high powered business man / bot who loves to tweet out all his great startup ideas

  • It's like The Hartford Financial Services Group, but for Collecting Hats.
  • It's like Halliburton Company, but for Ziplining.
  • It's like Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Inc., but for Zumba.
  • It's like Ally Financial, but for Shark Fishing.
  • It's like Devon Energy Corporation, but for Candle Making.
  • It's like American Express Company, but for Model Rockets.


a silly game

  • started as a flappy bird clone, became its own thing
  • built using Phaser

this very page

the thing you're looking at right now

  • a little web portfolio
  • built using react and react-snap (a post build tool which renders static files)